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Inspiration for the creation of Camellia Place

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This excerpt from Steve Shields book: In Pursuit of Sunbeam: A Practical Guide to Transformation from Institution to Household was inspirational to our founders during the planning phases of Camellia Place.

“Nobody intended it this way; after all, people living in these institutions are our parents, our relatives, our friends, neighbors, and former colleagues.

We know them… they gave us life, counseled, encourages, and admonished us when we needed it. They served in government, fought wars, and put out fires. They built roads, schools, and hospitals. They did what we asked and needed of them.

When one by one, they grew old, they passed responsibility for the world to each of us, wished us well, hoping we would do better; in return, we owe them more than they are getting.

One day, sooner than we think, we will become the elders and pass the baton to our children.”

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