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Turning Treasured Friends into New Neighbors

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Where Friendship Blooms into Family

Welcome to a community where each day is a celebration of connections and care. At Camellia Place, we’re not just residents and staff – we’re a vibrant family of individuals sharing joy, love, and life’s adventures. Imagine expanding this beautiful circle by inviting your dear friends to become part of our family. Together, we can weave a richer tapestry of shared stories and cherished moments.

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Earn $1,000 in Credit with Our ‘Friends of the Family’ Referral Program!

Your referrals bring more life, more laughter, and more love into our community. By introducing someone you cherish to Camellia Place, you not only offer them a chance to be part of something special but also become a bearer of wonderful gifts. Enjoy a delightful token of our appreciation with a $200 monthly credit for five months, totaling $1,000, applied to your loved one’s monthly fee once the referred friend has enjoyed 30 cherished days with us.

Bring a Friend into Our Family of Support!

Share the joys, care, and enchanting experiences of Camellia Place with those you hold dear. Share the peace of mind you enjoy with a friend and enrich our community with more shared memories, more celebrations, and more heartfelt moments.

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Your recommendations weave additional threads of stories, connections, and warmth into our community, enhancing the daily lives of your loved ones and all members of Camellia Place.

Adding life to years!

For more information or to discuss a referral personally, our team is looking forward to connecting with you!

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