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Full-filled life & Affordable Assisted Living: Meet Marti Graham

“Our life changed when I found Camellia Place. The warm, home-like atmosphere and caring staff have changed my mom’s life.” ~Cynthia T.

Every resident at Camellia Place has a unique story filled with strength and a journey of self-discovery.

We’re honored to spotlight our resident, Martha “Marti” Graham, and her journey to finding a home with us at Camellia Place.

As we share Marti’s story, we also highlight the importance of affordability when considering assisted living and how Camellia Place strives to balance exceptional care and financial practicality.

Before coming to us, Marti led a vibrant and independent life in a senior community. However, a medical emergency initiated a series of changes in her life.

Helping Loved ones choose assisted living REal Talk at Camellia Place

Marti’s daughter, Cynthia True, recalls her experience of moving Marti to assisted living.

“My Mom is Martha Graham “Marti.” Our life changed when she had a sudden stroke at the end of October 2022. She had been living independently in a lovely high-rise 2-bedroom apartment in a Senior community.

After her stroke and rehab, we quickly moved from independent to full-time homecare. This then progressed to assisted living. I found this transition to be really ruled like a business without much care or assistance.

The price was very high for the assistance she was given, and then I had to hire my own home care on top of the assistance. The monthly bottom line would have been almost $20,000 Monthly with the extra hired assistance on the assisted side.

Our life changed when I found Camellia Place. The warm, home-like atmosphere and the caring staff have changed my mom’s life. She has wonderful activities every day. She is sought out to attend different activities. She loves daily exercise as well as art.

She used to paint and said she would never paint again, but wonderful Chelsey (Live WHOLE Director) has found a way to include her.

I am very happy with her daily care (she needs more care than some), and she lovingly gets help every day. The food is very good. The food is plentiful with a very nice variety.
Thank you, Camellia Place!”

Cynthia True

Here at Camellia Place, Marti’s days are filled with engaging activities she loves – daily exercises, dining with new friends, and even art.

Cynthia shares that her mother, who used to paint but had given it up, found her way back to the canvas thanks to Chelsey, our Live WHOLE Director, and the mission of providing each resident the opportunity to live their best lives by setting their schedules, personal goals and expressing personal interest.

Through Marti’s journey, we recognize the importance of making assisted living excellent and affordable, ensuring the best possible care without creating financial stress for families.

We’re grateful for Marti and Cynthia’s trust in us and for the opportunity to provide the care Marti deserves.

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