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Each resident is unique and the “how” and “why” they choose a new home with Camellia Place. We hope you will be inspired by these resident stories as you embark on your journey as well.

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Martha Graham

After Marti’s stroke, the cost of care at her former senior living residence increased dramatically; now, she thrives with independence and community.

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Kaye Adams

After caring for her husband so many years, Kaye experienced a decline in her own health and despite her fears of losing independence, chose a move to Camellia Place.

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Mary Mahon

Mary moved from Texas to be closer to her daughter in Woodstock. She was initially apprehensive but now enjoys her new residence in Georgia.


Your favorite sports team. Think about it.

One of our residents, Ed Cooper, surely reminisces on the days of watching his favorite sports team with friends and family in the living room with some chips and dip. Bringing back some memories you did not even know you had!

It was even better if you watched it LIVE in person! The sound of the roaring crowd screaming, “ROLL TIDE!” as they cheer on their favorite team. He enjoyed watching the games with his wife, who is also a resident here, June Cooper.

Well, this man put together a 1,000-piece puzzle and glued it all together. The amount of time and dedication he had was beyond imagination. Once a Bama fan, always a Bama fan. #Rolltide

Joy Mabry is the prime example of “age does not define you.”

We always enjoy seeing Joy’s crazy and fun side. Playing pranks and making jokes has always been Joy’s way of spreading happiness to everyone around.

All her friends growing up say she has not changed one bit and has always been the exact “Joy” we know and love.


Jim Kling is a retired Navy Vietnam War Veteran.

Serving off of the coast of Florida and Puerto Rico. After serving in the military, he became an engineer and college professor as well as a wonderful husband, father, and grandpa.

Loving to work with his hands, he built a gazebo at an at-home workshop. Today at Camellia Place, his service in the military is never overlooked.

Gale Johnson has lived here, in downtown Woodstock, her whole life.

From the time she was born until now. Her childhood home and the house she lived in before joining us are only a couple of houses apart. The college right down the road from us was her Elementary School, and after school, she would walk right across the street to the blue house, which was her grandmother’s house.

“I remember walking across the street after school, and my grandmother would have popsicles ready for us that she made with Kool-Aid.” Her father’s grocery shop was in the strip mall downtown; the building is now “The Daily Draft Tap Room and Bar.” She tells us, “It can be weird to see now how things are so different, but the memories will always remain.”


Ralph Citino, a man that loves baseball more than anyone could ever imagine.

Growing up playing baseball and having it be a big part of his childhood, seeing the Atlanta Braves play with his friends here at Camellia Place is one of Ralph’s favorite past times.

Living out his passion for the great sport is so important. 

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

One of our well-traveled residents, Larry Mize, decided to teach himself braille one day for fun around 30 years ago; he had not retired yet. It has always intrigued him. He memorized every number and letter in the alphabet by simply looking at the numbers and letters on the elevators.

Memorizing the braille and finding the similarities every time he saw them. He has never been fluent enough but said he is not able to feel it anymore but can still read it.

This is an example that shows it’s never too late to start something new. Whether it’s a hobby, interest, activity, talent, whatever it may be.


Helen Hall is our well-known High School Home Economics/Science teacher.

After going to college at East Carolina University, she started off teaching 4th-grade students, but soon after that, she knew she belonged teaching older students in high school. She was married to her husband for 67 incredible years with one daughter.

Helen traveled the nation with her husband directing and raising money for non-profit organizations; they then moved to Atlanta, Georgia, together to live near their daughter. Talk about a busy and loving life. The key to a long-lasting and loving marriage is “lots of communication and talking.”  

Camellia Place Resident’s Life Stories (pdf’s)

Life Story Resident Ruth Camellia Place
Story of Resident at Camellia Place memory care
Bobbie Resident story at Camellia Place
Bobbie Resident story at Camellia Place
Life Story Resident Ruth Camellia Place
Life Story Resident Ruth Camellia Place

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