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A Story of Resilience and Renewed Joy: Meet Orlando Ferraro

“My Dad, who is retired military, has always been the most independent, self-sufficient, in charge kind of man you’d ever meet.” ~Dawn W.

 At Camellia Place, our residents are our family. We celebrate their unique lives, applaud their achievements, and strive to enhance their well-being every day.

We’re delighted to share the story of Orlando Ferraro, a retired military officer who embodies resilience and a love for life that is truly inspiring.

Orlando has always been the epitome of self-sufficiency and authority, living his life with fierce independence.

However, life’s journey is rarely straightforward, and when Orlando’s health began to deteriorate, and he struggled to maintain his daily routines, it became clear that a change was necessary.

Orlando’s initial transition into assisted living presented certain challenges, but his daughter Dawn remained determined to find a community where Orlando’s spirit and independence could flourish.

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Please enjoy Dawn’s full testimony below:

“My Dad, who is retired military, has always been the most independent, self-sufficient, in charge kind of man you’d ever meet.

When he started falling and couldn’t get himself up, it was clearly the beginning of change that was needed in his life. His short-term memory started to fade, and he was not taking his cancer treatment meds or any of his other medications, including insulin.

We previously moved him into Assisted Living; unfortunately, this one didn’t quite measure up in the level of care and stimulation with others that he really needed.

We dreaded moving him again and feared upsetting what routines he was familiar with and disrupting all that he’d come to know yet again. However, after much thought, research of the surrounding assisted living, and the acceptance that he wasn’t getting the quality of life he deserved and needed, we moved him to Camellia Place.

I live in Texas, and as his conservator and guardian, I relied on and still rely heavily on the team at Camellia Place to really step up and be more actively involved than they may be with other residents who have family living nearby and can check supplies and activities and all other little things that a family member may normally do.

The Camellia Place team truly went above and beyond to accommodate a move-in that had to happen quickly without delay. I’ve never had to wait long for a response from anyone on-site, whether that be just a general well-being update, a medical update, an update from a doctor’s visit, a concern I may have, or just me inquiring about how he is and if he’s participating in activities and socializing or if he is isolating himself.

He has shown great improvement in his glucose levels since moving to Camellia Place as well as his desire to get out and socialize. He loves flowers and loves the beauty of the outdoors, and I’ve not once heard of him being denied sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful iris flowers, bird feeder, birds, and lush green grass; yes, he frequently gives me updates on the yard at Camellia Place, sometimes he even takes credit for planting the irises. 😊

I appreciate everyone at Camellia Place for truly caring and putting my crazy mind at rest, but most of all, for caring about my dad and truly making him feel loved and cared for so that he feels dignity, respect, and care as he goes through some of the most challenging days of his life- since his cancer has metastasized to his liver and adrenal glands.”

With the utmost admiration to the team,
~Dawn Wilson

Camellia Place is honored to be Orlando’s home, a place where he feels loved and respected and enjoys the great outdoors as much as we do.

As we continue to support him through this journey, we salute his courage, celebrate his achievements, and are thankful for the opportunity to care for him.

And a big “Thank You” to Dawn for sharing her dad with us and for trusting our team to give him the best life possible.

Our story with Orlando Ferraro is a testament to our mission: we aim to Empower residents to live their best lives by setting their own schedules and personal goals and expressing personal interest.

Orlando is a testament to that 100%, where team members empower him to enjoy the days he wants.

Helping Loved ones choose assisted living REal Talk at Camellia Place