March 2nd, 2022, was Read Across America Day, and our resident Larry Mize read to the class that adopted him at Woodstock Elementary. Our relationship with Woodstock Elementary is special, especially when our residents get an opportunity to directly connect with the students. Larry Mize, a resident of Camellia Place and “adopted Grandpa” of the class at Woodstock Elementary, receives cards during the holidays and notes from students during the school year. But today, he visited the class in person and read the book, The Perfect Nest, by Catherine Friend, for Read Across America Day. The kids were dressed as characters from the story, and when he commented that he was not dressed as a superhero, the teacher pointed to his hat with the American Flag and said, “This is your superhero right here”. After the reading, the kids gave him a huge ovation, and Larry cried. He said, “Today was one of the best days of my life.”