We love hearing about the lives of our residents through their stories.

We had a family member visit us at Camellia Place this week to celebrate a birthday and share an old photo.

The photo looked like it was from a scene in an old movie … a black and white photo of a serious-looking defensive end football star and a smiling cheerleader. Well, there’s always a story, and this is no different.

They found each other in High School, and 60 years later, the rest is history … married to this day.

When we hear the stories from our residents’ lives, we can’t help but realize how important it is to honor our seniors’ past and history. We often say we wish we had known them back in the day before age or illness changed their world, but it’s in the ‘knowing’ that helps us respect where they are now and do all we can to care for the entire family. Besides, who doesn’t love a good story?