We knew we needed a different living situation for Mom, Eddy Sanchez, after breaking her hip. She explicitly said she did not want us to move in with her, so we were looking for a place to provide respite care between her stay at the rehab center and her transition back home. That is how we found Camellia Place.

Camellia Place was the first and only assisted living I looked at because it checked every box for us. It just felt really comfortable. The individual houses were a big, big sell. Mom could have her own place with all her own belongings and would not have to walk through hallways to get to her house. She had told me years ago that she did not want to live in a high-rise-like facility with lots of hallways to walk through, so that was a big relief for us that Camellia Place was not that kind of assisted living community. I also liked that Camellia Place was founded by two young women who were in the same position I was in. I wanted to find care that would help my mom have the best of her last years. They knew what it was like to be in this position, and I liked that. Mom is very social, and Camellia Place allows her to have a social life she wouldn’t have, had she been home by herself. They have family-style meals, so it’s not like an impersonal cafeteria setting. Mom also likes the activities at Camellia Place. They make it fun, really fun. Mom can choose to do it or not, but it’s there if she wants to. That has given me peace of mind that she’s well taken care of. The caregivers are the ones who really make it. Of course, the administration behind the scenes obviously has a lot to do with how excellent Camellia Place is, but it’s the people Mom comes in contact with daily who really make it. It never feels institutionalized. The first caregiver I met didn’t hesitate to sit down with me, and it has been hands-on ever since. The podiatrist comes every three months, and there are several more who come regularly. There is a driver who can take Mom to a doctor’s appointment if I’m ever in a pinch and can’t do it, so that is good to have. The caregivers always make sure Mom gets personal, individualized help with whatever she needs. It would have been really tough to have Mom at home during this pandemic. My daughter and I both work in high-traffic areas, and we’re exposed to a lot. It would have been a real risk for Mom’s health and safety not to be at Camellia Place. The staff has been diligent in keeping anything out, which we really appreciate.

It keeps us resting easy knowing Mom is 100% taken care of. We are so thankful for the staff at Camellia Place. They are lucky to have my mom, and we are lucky to have them. Thank you so much for everything you do to keep it awesome here. We appreciate it all! Patrice Taibi