Over the past month, we’ve welcomed our residents to their new homes. Six houses, not hallways, rest on the Camellia Place property, and two of our homes officially have residents enjoying our amenities. When we built Camellia Place, we worked closely with our architects, builders, and designers to create an inviting, stylish, and most of all, safe place for our residents to live. Our purposeful design choices have made our homes an ideal place for our seniors to dine, socialize, sleep, and receive care. Design Features: Smaller residences, like those at Camellia Place, provide a sense of intimacy that sometimes lacks in large buildings with long hallways.  Each of our homes consist of only sixteen bedrooms which are divided by spacious living and dining areas. In addition to considering intimacy for our community, Camellia Place’s homes were designed with short, purposeful hallways. Knowing the dining room is only a short distance from one’s suite makes a difference in the social aspect of our homes.  Seniors can easily participate in activities, meals, and special events knowing they are never far from their bedrooms. Further, a stylish, yet safe handrail guides our residents from place to place and functions both for a design detail, and more importantly, stability. Each suite is a single-bedroom with its own heating and air conditioning for ultimate privacy and comfort. The philosophy behind this design is to encourage residents to live in the public areas of their homes while having private suites for sleeping, hygiene, and privacy for reading or watching television. Interiors4 Interior Styles: Our interior designers and owners chose lovely furniture and soothing colors that highlight our homes. Additionally, having upholstery that can withstand cleaning and disinfecting is critical in the maintenance of our homes.  While many fabrics can tolerate that type of cleaning, few have the feel and look of institutional fabrics.  Our owners took extra care to select fabrics and colors with the homes in mind.  Even the height of our cushions was well-planned. The ability of Seniors to be able to safely transfer from sitting to standing supports their basic need to move be ambulatory.  Little features like this make a world of difference in seniors knowing they can come to the porches or dining rooms and be able to stand or transfer without fear. Interiors2 Each of our homes also features an open-island kitchen for family-style meals to encourage socialization and friendships. Further, good nutrition and hydration are essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  With family-style meals, caregivers can easily monitor the food and liquid intake of our residents. On each of the two, 8 bedroom wings, residents will also find a library or game center complete with card tables and sofas. Porches and patios are available throughout the homes and feature gracious spaces for outdoor enjoyment and living, especially with Georgia’s warm summer nights. Our porches and courtyards have tables, chairs, and conversation groupings.  However, one thing you might notice is that we don’t have any rocking chairs; they focus one’s attention on rocking and not talking. We want to encourage conversations in our homes and equipped each home with furniture for just that. Safety Priorities: Safety is always on the minds of our staff and caregivers at Camellia Place. We’ve incorporated design features in order to maximize safe-living for all of our residents. Each resident’s room features an integrated closet and restroom allowing for walkers and wheelchairs to enter freely. Further, dressing and bathing with articles of clothing close by aids in the daily routine of good hygiene and helps caregivers in their role of assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLS). Our bathrooms are beautifully appointed with zero threshold showers and sinks for bracing. One thing we haven’t yet mentioned is our attention to medication management. Medication management is one of the most important aspects of assisted living.  You will not see medication carts in our hallways. Instead, medicine is housed in and dispensed from an in-home apothecary.  It provides for more privacy for residents and better watchful oversight by our staff. Additionally, one of the other things that we pride ourselves on is that our caregivers aren’t responsible for  housekeeping or food service for residents.  This allows caregivers to be extra attentive to our residents.  With more intimate watchful oversight, behaviors can be observed that might indicate changes in wellness.  Making sure residents are hydrated and eating well balanced meals helps prevent unnecessary doctor visits. We’ve devoted countless hours to think of every detail for our residents. If you’re interested in touring Camellia Place, don’t hesitate to contact us or call 770-296-1513. We’d love to send you more information or take you on a tour.