Concerts in the Park are a lovely way for residents to enjoy the afternoon.

As you know, we are always driven by a mission of adding life to years and nurturing the mind, body, and spirit of those we serve and employ.  One of the ways we do this is through organizing “Concerts in the Park” for our residents. Although it can be considered a form of music therapy, the real purpose is to create a sense of connection for the people in the neighborhood. The concerts feature different musical talents, including jazz bands, solo guitarists, and small choirs.  Camellia Place is uniquely situated for this in that our community is quite literally a neighborhood with 6 homes and 16 residents in each home. In the center of the neighborhood is a large green space accompanied by walking paths around the 8-acre neighborhood. This unique layout lends to the perfect place to hold a concert for all residents to enjoy from their front porches or the walking paths.

Music encourages the mind, body and spirit.

Music has the ability to bring cheer, evoke memories of the past, and provide comfort. For centuries, people have benefitted from music. This has been proven to be effective in many assisted living and memory care  communities. With the introduction of concerts in the park to Camellia Place, residents will experience improved living conditions and be reminded of good times in their past.  

Added Benefits of Music for Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities

Music has also been found to be effective in memory care treatment to slow the decline of speech skills in dementia patients. In some cases, it can inspire non-verbal people to communicate by humming or singing, as well as improve cognitive ability in the elderly. Scientific reports also suggest that rhythmic music stimulates some parts of the brain to increase blood flow and improve older adult’s performance on cognitive tests.

Playing music can also motivate seniors to get moving, either by clapping, dancing, or tapping their toes.

We have enjoyed planning these musical events to ensure the ‘Concerts in the Park’ are successful and helps residents enjoy the best of the moments. It is part of our overall vision to be a model-assisted living community, providing extraordinary care and creating life-enhancing experiences for our residents that build lasting relationships.