In the heart of Camellia Place lies the essence of compassionate caregiving, embodied by Jeanetta Gabel, our esteemed Certified Medication Technician and Certified Nursing Assistant. With an inspiring tenure of 27 years in caregiving, Jeanetta’s journey at Camellia Place has been one of unwavering dedication and profound connection, marking two years of enriching the lives of those around her.

Jeanetta’s path in caregiving was illuminated by the resilient spirit of her mother, a two-time breast cancer survivor whose courageous battle and love for life profoundly influenced her. The joyous memories, like a family cruise filled with laughter, and the poignant moments spent caring for her mother in her final days, have shaped Jeanetta’s compassionate approach to caregiving. Her family, a constant source of inspiration, drives her to be the best version of herself, not only for her own fulfillment but for everyone whose life she touches.

At Camellia Place, Jeanetta is more than a caregiver; she is a beacon of warmth and a purveyor of joy. Her days are brightened by the smiles of residents eagerly awaiting her arrival, their trust and comfort in her care a testament to the deep bonds she has formed. Whether offering a simple cup of coffee or providing comfort to those feeling unwell, Jeanetta cherishes these interactions, finding immense joy in making even the smallest difference in her residents’ lives.

The challenges of caregiving, while testing her spirit, have only served to strengthen Jeanetta’s resolve. A poignant memory she recalls is a day marked by concern for two residents, one in hospice and another hospitalized. It was in this moment of vulnerability that she found strength in the support of Melissa, Camellia Place’s Healthcare Director, whose empathetic guidance reinforced Jeanetta’s commitment to her residents.

Jeanetta’s passion extends beyond her daily responsibilities, particularly in caring for hospice patients. She approaches this sacred duty with a gentle touch and a heart full of empathy, ensuring both the patients and their families feel supported and cared for during these tender moments.

Her journey of growth and learning at Camellia Place is ongoing. Jeanetta has honed her skills as a Certified Medication Technician, gaining profound insights into medication management and the intricacies of resident care. Under the mentorship of healthcare professionals like Melissa and Recca, the Memory Care Director, she has deepened her understanding of complex care needs, including the delicate handling of medications.

In the community of Camellia Place, Jeanetta is not just a team member; she is part of a family. The bonds she has formed with her colleagues are rooted in mutual respect and shared commitment, a solidarity that extends to every corner of Camellia Place.

Jeanetta envisions her future in caregiving with hopeful aspirations, dreaming of one day opening her own senior living home. Her advice to those embarking on this nurturing path resonates with sincerity and passion: love what you do, make a difference, and if ever caregiving becomes just a job, find the courage to step away.

Jeanetta Gabel’s story is not just one of caregiving; it’s a narrative of love, resilience, and the unwavering dedication that lies at the heart of Camellia Place. We celebrate her, her journey, and the immeasurable impact she has on our community.