Meet Melissa Griffin, our esteemed Health Services Director at Camellia Place. With a remarkable 33 years of experience in nurturing lives, Melissa has been a part of our community for the past three and a half months, spreading joy and warmth with her compassionate care.


Melissa’s journey in caregiving is deeply personal, inspired by her mother who, despite her disability, supported her family with unwavering strength. This powerful example ignited Melissa’s passion for supporting others in their times of need, particularly in senior living. She believes in the wisdom of Maya Angelou: “When you learn, teach. When you get, give.”


At Camellia Place, Melissa cherishes the moments when she sees her residents happy and well cared for. The joy she finds in seeing their smiles is a daily highlight, reflecting her commitment to creating a positive and nurturing environment. Melissa holds the task of building a positive work atmosphere close to her heart, firmly believing that a happy team leads to happy residents.


Facing challenges head-on, Melissa emphasizes the importance of moving forward, learning from experiences, and maintaining a positive outlook. Her philosophy of continuous learning and growth is supported by the Camellia Place family, who have shown her the value of a positive and supportive work environment.


In her role as Health Services Director, Melissa works closely with her team, embracing challenges together and strengthening their bond as a family. She describes Camellia Place as a caring community that values its team members, families, and residents, always keeping its doors open.


Looking toward the future, Melissa aspires to continue leading by example and encourages those embarking on this nurturing path to never stop learning. Her message is clear: embrace every opportunity for growth, and always allow yourself to learn and evolve.


When not at work, Melissa finds joy in cooking, an activity that brings her peace and happiness. Her heart’s calling, deeply rooted in her personal experiences, continues to inspire her dedication to caregiving, making her an invaluable member of the Camellia Place family.


Join us in celebrating Melissa Griffin, our Health Services Director, who brings 33 years of nurturing experience to Camellia Place. Inspired by her mother’s strength, Melissa is dedicated to creating joy and well-being for our residents. She believes in a positive work environment, leading by example, and the power of continuous learning. Melissa’s passion for caregiving shines through in her commitment to our community’s happiness and growth.