The holiday season is a time of connections – rekindling old memories, creating new ones, and cherishing moments spent with family. It also brings into focus the importance of a nurturing environment for our older loved ones, especially when contemplating the move to assisted living or memory care.


The Notion of ‘Home’

The decision to transition a loved one into a care community can evoke feelings of guilt, anxiety, and apprehension about the potential loss of independence. However, a neighborhood-style senior community, like Camellia Place, is designed to alleviate these concerns, making residents feel right at home.


Preserving Independence

One of the significant fears many seniors face is losing their independence. At Camellia Place, the neighborhood-style setup allows residents to maintain a sense of autonomy. Each ‘neighborhood’ functions as a small community with a shared living space, kitchen, and social areas, ensuring residents can continue living in a familiar setting.


Making Transitions Seamless

Moving to an assisted living or memory care community can be daunting. However, the layout and approach of Camellia Place ensure a smoother transition:

  • Personal Touch: Residents can personalize their space, bringing in cherished items that make them feel at home.
  • Community Engagement: Regular holiday-themed events and activities ensure residents remain connected and engaged.
  • Continual Care: A dedicated team of professionals is always on hand, providing a blend of care, companionship, and community.

“I tell everyone I know that they will not find a better assisted living than Camellia Place. My mom thought she was not ready but yesterday she said “Why did you let me wait so long?” That means the world. I’m happy and so is she, and that says it all.” – Beth, Camellia Place Family Member


Benefits of a Neighborhood-Style Community

Close-Knit Bonds: Smaller group settings foster stronger connections among residents and staff.

Safety and Security: The community-style setup ensures a secure environment without compromising the homey feel.

Holistic Care: Camellia Place recognizes the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, and social well-being. 


The neighborhood design promotes all three, especially during the festive season.


Reimagining Senior Living

Camellia Place offers more than just senior care; it provides a community, a family. During the holiday season, these connections become even more profound. As lights twinkle and laughter fills the air, residents of Camellia Place find themselves not in a community, but in a home filled with warmth, love, and holiday spirit.


To all considering the move to assisted living or memory care, let this festive season remind you of the importance of connections. At Camellia Place, we ensure that these connections remain strong, fostering a sense of belonging, purpose, and joy.