Letters From Family Members of Camellia Place Residents

The cards and letters that the staff of Camellia Place often receive remind us that our labor is not in vain and that families really do appreciate the love and outstanding care their loved ones receive here. Below are a few excerpts from some of the correspondence we receive.

Both of Candy Morrison’s parents lived here together and the family was very happy with their care. She concludes that her parents’ love story here “couldn’t have been more perfect.” She writes, “…At the age of 90, my parents found their way to an oasis in the chaos of transitioning through those ‘wonderful golden years.’ The oasis was Camellia Place in Woodstock, Georgia. There is no way to express the unconditional love, sensitivity, dignity, understanding, flexibility, exemplary care and attention to every detail that was unfurled on both of them (and every resident) daily.” A family member sent her heartfelt sentiments of gratitude. She expressed it this way. “I feel the need to say thanks to as many healthcare workers as I can. During this stressful time we appreciate you coming to work giving it your all, especially when you could be surrounded [sic] by your family. I appreciate your hard work and dedication. You are a blessing not only to the people you help during the day but to your community. Thank you for being an inspiration….” Ja’Quana Brown.

A loved one clearly moved by her family member’s experience here. She states: “Dear all you wonderful Camellia Place caregivers and staff—You are such an important part of the residents’ lives on any given day–but now that facilities are locked down and we are sheltering in place, you are their EVERYTHING. I can’t help thinking of my dad…who would not have understood why we weren’t coming to visit….But then I remember the love and kindness you always showed him and I know that your constant support and patience will help them through this difficult and scary time. We…will forever be grateful for the care you gave my dad. You are just wonderful people! Another tells it like this: “A simple ‘thank you’ seems so inadequate to express how grateful we are for all that you all are doing to ensure the safety and well-being for all of your residents. The finest rise to the top during challenging times and you all are indeed the finest. [My husband and I] have thanked God repeatedly that [my family member] is there and being so well taken care of….” So, there you have it–just a few of the many cards and letters of appreciation and thank-yous that we receive. Camellia Place’s ability to care for its residents has not only placed it in the national spotlight, but in the hearts and minds of families across Georgia. Their decision to trust the staff at Camellia Place with the care of their parents means peace of mind. And, that is something that money cannot buy.