At Camellia Place, the spirit of care and commitment resonates deeply with Tami White, our dedicated Business Office Manager. In her eight months with us, Tami has brought a blend of expertise and heart to her role, enriching our community with over ten years of experience in hospice, home care, and assisted living.

Inspired by her daughter Karis’ kindness and compassion, Tami lives by Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” infusing her daily work with purpose and intent. Beyond her professional life, Tami’s love for cooking, baking, and traveling speaks to her adventurous spirit and desire for connection.

Tami’s journey into senior living care was sparked by her years in cardiac care, where she learned the preciousness of every day. A moment that stands out in her time at Camellia Place is when leadership served a Thanksgiving brunch to residents, illuminating the joy such gestures bring to both residents and the team.

She looks forward to her cottage visits, cherishing the laughter and connections made. Through life’s challenges, Tami has learned the importance of adaptability and growth, applying these lessons to create a supportive environment for both residents and team members.

Tami envisions a future where she can advocate for seniors, emphasizing the need for attention to aging in America. Her wisdom for those on a similar path is poignant: time is our most irreplaceable resource; make decisions that will serve you well as you age.

Tami White’s story is not just one of administrative leadership; it’s a narrative of love, resilience, and the power of change. We celebrate her dedication and the immeasurable impact she has on Camellia Place.