Greg Michael grew up in a woodworking family. He worked in the shop of his father and brother, but he wanted to do something different than the family business. Yet, when he and his wife were building their home, they chose to do all of the interior work themselves. And Michael rediscovered his passion for woodworking.

Today, Michael is the pastor for Woodstock Community Church on Rope Mill Road, just down the street from Camellia Place. He also founded Mi-Kin Creations, a name that stands for “Kin Folk.” Michael’s two sons, Gregory and Jonathan, also have ownership in the business and are talented craftsmen in their own right.

The men of Mi-Kin Creations love working with clients to create the projects of their dreams. For Lauren Clifton and Denise Swords, that dream come true is Camellia Place in Woodstock; it’s like nothing you’ve seen in senior living.

Michael was recommended to Clifton and Swords by Jeff Moon, Woodstock City Manager. It is community and connections like these that fueled the vision for Camellia Place. It’s no accident that the search for the ideal property led Camellia Place’s founding partners to 294 Rope Mill Road in Woodstock. It’s no coincidence that Michael’s church is a Rope Mill Road neighbor, and that he is a woodworker. Through a partnership with Camellia Place, Michael built a beautiful table for the library in the Community House out of the trees that once stood on the property. The black walnut trees and all they stood for have helped to define the unique place called Camellia Place … and all it stands for.

The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness. — Dalai Lama

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