Destined to create a special place for and raise expectations in senior living, Founding Partners Lauren Clifton and Denise Swords set out on a lengthy journey to locate the ideal Camellia Place land, a residential neighborhood for assisted living and memory care. It was immediately evident that the homestead of James and Irene Queen on Rope Mill Road in Woodstock was the perfect piece of land to bring the dream of Camellia Place to life.

“We’d been praying for many months for God to show us the perfect parcel of land,” recalled Clifton. “He led us to 294 Rope Mill Road in Woodstock, with its beautiful trees and square shape that we’d been searching so hard to find. We looked at countless properties over a period of eight months. This was our first and only offer!”

In keeping with the spirit of Camellia Place, Clifton and Swords have found ways to add life to the years of the land’s legacy as well.

“When we heard the stories of planting trees, blueberry bushes and more, the history of the land added to our sense that this was the place for our dream,” said Swords. “From the moment we knew the black walnut trees would be lost to site development, we discussed using them to make something special for our community.”

Today, a beautiful library table crafted from one of those black walnut trees stands proudly in the Community House at Camellia Place ensuring history will not be forgotten.

“I am the beam that holds your house, the board of your table …” – Prayer of the Woods